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The Studio Ghibli Backpack

If you love the Studio Ghibli films, then you'll surely love the Studio Ghibli Backpack. Designed by independent artists and printed on high-quality products, the Studio Ghibli Backpack has something for everyone. Its socially responsible production means that every purchase you make goes directly into the artist's pocket. It's also great for kids! Check out the different designs below and buy the one you love. It's sure to make any child happy!

Studio Ghibli Wallet Insert Card

If you love the studio Ghibli movies, you'll want to check out the new Studio Ghibli Backpack. It's a canvas backpack featuring a studio Ghibli logo and measures 12 by 14 inches, making it an ideal travel companion. It features an insulated bag and a pocket for a laptop. It's a great way to carry all your essentials for the day. For a more practical style, try the Studio Ghibli Mighty Girl backpack.


If you're a fan of the animated movies of Studio Ghibli, you'll want to consider a Studio Ghibli backpack for your child. This adorable backpack is based on the character Zeniba, who first appears in the film Spirited Away.