Communication (AAC)

AAC tools and devices aim to facilitate, supplement, or replace verbal speech. ​

 Picture exchange systems, communication boards, choice cards, and speech generating devices are all examples of AAC options.​​

AAC isn't just for people who have motor impairments which limit their verbal speech. AAC  can also be used for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays, or Cognitive Disabilities.

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Stuttering is a communication disorder that is typically characterized by disruptions, or disfluencies, in speech. Approximately 5% of children go through a normal period of what is considered "normal" stuttering. This usually occurs between 2 and a half to five years of age and can last up to six months. 

Stuttering that is considered abnormal and requires intervention presents with the following disfluencies:

  • repeating parts of words ("ca-ca-cat")

  • Prolonging individual sounds ("ffffish")

  • Attempting to make a sound and nothing comes out (blocking)

  • Disfluencies may create an apparent struggle for the speaker

Speech-language Pathologists provide therapy for all speech and language disorders, including stuttering. Recent studies support that early intervention with a trained speech therapist increases the likelihood that the child will develop normal fluency in speech.

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