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Visual Perception

Visual Perception

Visual perception is a cognitive process that gives meaning to all of the things we see every day. It differs from visual acuity which is how clearly you can see at a given distance. Specific visual perceptual skills include: spatial relations (how objects are positioned to each other), figure ground (being able to tell foreground from background), visual memory (retaining a "mental image" of an object or series of symbols), visual closure (knowing what an object or image is even if a part is missing), form constancy (recognizing that objects and symbols remain the same regardless of their position), and visual rotation (the ability to mentally manipulate the orientation of a symbol/object). These skills are critically important for safe and efficient mobility, eye-hand coordination skills such as handwriting, and for higher level skills in math and reading.  



Activity Books

Early Visual Perceptual Skills

Combine Visual Skills,Working Memory & ProblemSolving 
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