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"Along the way, we have grown to love everyone at this wonderful clinic; they have become our family. The families that we have met, who are in the same boat as us, have become our families. They become your community, your village that you never realized you needed. As a parent, especially to an individual with more specialized needs, there is a constant, nagging, small voice telling you that maybe you aren't doing enough, that your child may not be in the best possible place for what he needs. I don't get that feeling when thinking about our therapy clinic. It is a terrifying thing, realizing that your child needs help, but Abilities makes it a little less scary."

Corrito Mata

Baton Rouge, La

"The knowledge, training and years of experience the Abilities Family has is phenomenal. They work as a team with each discipline complementing the other. The most important thing about the Abilities family is that they love what they do and genuinely care about their kids. I know that my child will be safe and loved when I leave him."

Nickie Deshotel

Brusly, La


"My son was only speaking a few individual words when we started, currently he is reading, making request with short sentences and can proudly give you his demographics (birth date, address, phone# etc.) OT has been great, we are currently working on shoe tying. When we started he wasn't even able to grip a pencil, now he can write and color within boundaries, fasten his own seatbelt and dress himself. Feeding has been remarkable! When we started my son could not even sit in certain restaurants due to sensory overload of certain scents, his diet consisted of items that you could count on one hand. He can now sit in some of those same restaurants with no gagging, granted he's not eating the buffet, but his diet has increased to where you need both hands and another to count the foods he will eat and try. We have been treated with respect from day one. My son has a smile every time we enter and that's a GREAT feeling for mom. Abilities thanks for all you do for my family!!!!"

Anita Leonard

Baker, La


​"My family and I are so blessed to have found Abilities.  For the past 2 years, we travel 30 miles from home 2-3 times a week for therapy services.  Our daughter went from communicating with only grunts and gestures, to now speaking full sentences.  The therapists at Abilities treat us like we are family, and we absolutely feel the same about them.  They go above and beyond to provide therapy services in a fun, relaxed, and productive environment.  I highly recommended Abilities to any families that are searching for therapy services for their child. "

Melissa Thomas

Ponchatoula, La


"Excellent and polite staff all around. My daughter has gone here for over 2 years for OT, speech and feeding therapy. They have helped her so much and are always willing to go the extra mile. My daughter is always eager to go."

Elizabeth P.

Denham Springs, La


"We love being a part of the Abilities family! It was because of them that my concerns and my son's speech finally felt heard and understood. They make speech day a fun outing for us instead of a chore. Thanks Abilities! "

Carley Levy

Greenwell Springs, La


"Abilities has been instrumental in improving our son’s motor skills. What I love most is how FUN they make it! He loves to hang out with Mrs. Kaila on Fridays and gets upset when we have to miss. It’s been such a blessing to our family!"

Jennifer Rowell

Livingston, La



"They have helped me to understand my son better and all the staff are very helpful!!"

Jill Soderstrom

Hammond, La

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